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Цена: ( 1664.83 грн  1496 грн)

Дозатор пороха Pro Auto

Лучший дозатор для зарядки пистолетных калибров. Для зарядки ружейных требуется приобрести удвоитель навески: Double Disk Kit

Commercial reloaders or competitive shooters first choice! 

Elastomer wiper and teflon coated metal casting make this the smoothest operating measure. Will not cut powder and almost totally eliminates leakage. Large hopper with shut-off valve is attached with brass thumb nuts for the ultimate in disk changing convenience. Increased safety with positive pull-back lever. Includes swivel adapter and spring return lever with spring and all four disks. Many prefer the Pro Auto-Disk for  mass production reloading. The hopper holds 1/2 pound of powder.

Lee Pro Auto Disk is designed for use with Pro 1000 and Load-Master presses. Used with the Powder Thru Expanding Die or Rifle Charging Die. Includes swivel adapter and spring return lever with spring.

Includes 4 disks to adjust your charges with:

Disk A = .30 to .43 cc
Disk B = .46 to .66 cc
Disk C = .71 to 1.02 cc
Disk D = 1.09 to 1.57 cc